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Every time I see a rainbow in the sky I thank God for His covenant with us! God loves the sinner but hates the sin. I also pray for the LGBTQ people, people God made from Love, not Lust! Shame on them for using God's precious rainbow as a symbol of their sin. We can only lift it all to God for He is in control!

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Well said Lissa.

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What adults do behind closed doors I’ll rarely comment on. But the fact is it is no longer about adults having relations. They blurt it in every possible way so that children are heavily affected by it. There are very few children in grade school that openly say they’re straight... grade school... where holding hands is “dating” and giggling to their friends whom they think “is cute” or not. They have no serious attraction beyond skin.

So they grow up believing that because the physical appearance is pretty or handsome, they’re gay/bi. Then there’s the girls who like to be rough and do “boy” things and the boys who are “soft” and do girl things. They’re led to believe the sex they’re born with isn’t what they are.

This has way longer lasting effects on reproduction as they get older. It’s disgusting

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Amen! CHILDREN are very impressionable. And, as you stated, if they are lead one way that is the direction they are going to follow.

I had a cousin that was told by her parents that dogs were mean and would bite her (becausetheydidn'twanttohave to deal with the expenseandtroubleof care for the pet). She was afraid of dogs for YEARS, at least until she had a friend with MANY dogs that showed her how loving dogs can be.

Little Johnny says he want to be a girl today, so the parents are falling all over themselves to get him started on puberty blockers. But, the next month little Johnny announces that he would NOW like to be a Transformer. I guess bionic implants are on the Christmas list this year.

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I’m a soldier. Will be until I pass on. I find it so hard to turn the other cheek. I find myself wanting to shout them down and behave not unlike they act. But that is not the conservative way yet. If we cannot stand for right and good then it is lost.

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For so many years I remember people griping about having "Christianity rubbed in their faces" at every turn. How they didn't want to have to turn every corner and see another Church or another Christian bookstore or anything of the like.

NOW it we Christians (at least ME) that are sick and tired of having this leftist demonic crap shoved IN OUR FACES, and especially in the faces of our children without our knowledge or consent (schools). The perversion HAS TO STOP!

It irks me to no end how the Rainbow covenant that God gave Noah and every subsequent man and every living creature has been hijacked by these disgusting people. They have taken something so Pure and Good and tarnished it to the point that it has nearly lost it's meaning.

Thankfully, God is much stronger than anything they can do to try and tarnish His good gifts to mankind. I have to keep that in mind, He ultimately will have the "last laugh" so to speak and will reclaim all that is His.

(I love how He can come into my heart as I am writing something like this and back me off of the anger that I allow to build up. He backs me off of the edge of that cliff and I am Saved once again.)

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